Organic Pineapple Chutney (120 gram)


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Our organic Pineapple chutney provides the refreshing touch to tongue after a spicy meal and makes it ready to anticipate the taste of dessert/sweet dishes fully. This is a traditional recipe of Pineapple (Anarosh) Chutney using organic Spice mix. The recipe is all too simple and the chutney is seasoned twice, once at the beginning and then again at the end when cooled. Fresh pineapple used here, gives a lovely smoky flavors along with other spices present in this. Adding garam masala to pineapple gives it another dimension of flavor. This pineapple chutney is incredibly easy and fast to make and the red pepper and cumin give it real depth and complexity. It is perfect with chicken, shrimp, fish and pork of all stripes, anything with jerk seasoning or grilled, including hamburgers, tarts, biscuits, cracker, bread, sandwich, wraps and loaves.



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