Organic Buck Wheat Atta 500 GM


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Buckwheat Flour (atta) is energizing and nutritious and is available throughout the year and can be served as an alternative to rice or made into porridge.


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Buckwheat Flour (light to dark) is finely ground and bolted through a fine wire screens from whole buckwheat. Buckwheat is an herb with alternative leaves and clusters of pinkish white flowers and triangular seeds. The hulled seeds of buckwheat are used as a cereal grain “kasha”, but contain no gluten as other grains and are higher in protein than soybeans.
Buckwheat is most often referred to as the poor man’s crop. It is a grass like herb, three cornered seed. Buckwheat is used in much the same manner as other cereal grains. Stone ground buckwheat flour is most often used in pancake mixes. (Sift or bolt through a 32 mesh screen)*


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